Micro-decisions are real

Simple tasks have become too difficult.
Brands are not our friends.
Not real options, just marketing.
Good quality products are fundamentally the same.
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Did you know the first shampoo was invented

100 years ago

Yet around 75% of the ingredients, remain pretty much exactly the same


More than £3,200,000,000 is spent every year on frivolous “Research & Development” by the big players. Rather than any real innovation, this tends to go on inventing yet another oil infused lather.

For perspective, that’s 6x the amount the UK spends on Cancer Research.


New products in your average supermarket every year. Most of which will be a passing fad.
So why bother?


It’s all about new new new. Rather than genuinely making anything better. That’s how we end up with over 200 varieties of shampoo on our shelves in the UK. Bonkers, we know.

– And the truth is, most of us feel dissatisfied with our decisions when we have a large number of options.


Which is why we focus on 1.
One shampoo. One conditioner.
One hand soap. One toothpaste.
And one simple way to order them.
Because that’s all you need.


The big brands might not be ready to change, but we are.

TAKK is about committing to supporting a business that the world needs.

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