TAKK is a Punk Business. We fight against the business norms of today. We believe in an Essentials Only philosophy. We don’t tolerate profit-driven blindness, political games that waste human potential and the system that encourages power over truth.

Rule #1

5 years of maximum influence at the TAKK organisation.

We believe at TAKK that no employee should stay longer than five years - including the founder. This ensures that we only have healthy objectivity towards the founding values.

Rule #2

Globalise our ideas,
not our products.

Everything goes from local producers, to delivery, to your door.
When we say locally produced, we include the packaging.

Rule #3

Transparent compensation

There are two levels of compensation - one for junior level and one for senior. This simplified approach ensures employees focus on how they can make a personal difference.

Rule #4

We don’t promote overconsumption

We were founded to fight against the endless branding efforts to make you believe you need to buy more. Instead, our R&D focus will go with eco-friendly solutions.

Our stand on Sustainability


We buy hyper-local.
All produced in the UK.


We don’t create needs for sales sake.


Everything goes from producer to your door.

We know we can do more.

Currently, we do sell products in plastic bottles. Before getting to this point, we went through an in-depth research process on eco-friendly solutions. We believe that current offerings are not scalable. We are committed to doing better or not at all. Once our community finds the macro solution, TAKK will be amongst the first movers. Watch this space.
If you have a solution that you think would fit us,
let us know! eco-solutions@takk.co.uk