How it works?

Get rid of micro-decisions.
We start with bathroom essentials.
The first step toward Essentials Only consumption.

Next, we expand to other everyday essentials.


Pick your products

Believing science comes first, we created our products with our scientists while keeping branding noise to zero. The beauty of the Essentials Only approach is that we do not disrupt the real function of these products with catchy marketing slogans. (Deep sea salts, really?!)


Tell us when

We will deliver your first order within 2-5 days of your subscription. (You can also select a later date if that is a better fit to you shopping routine.) For your next delivery you tell us the frequency you need your products. Our sizes are designed for 4 weeks regular usage, although this may vary.



Our products are top quality, but we don’t charge top price. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, we decided to introduce a single price point of £6. Enough for us to keep the lights on and reinvest wisely. Not enough for a private jet. Price includes the delivery and you pay as you go.

A life of minimalism awaits, the true luxury.